The Company

A Citizen Company

One of the everyday's Feel Like ÔHM commitments is to make employees able to realize their potential by promoting diversity, to assemble a community of talents in which all individuals contribute with their creativity and enthusiasm.
Feel Like ÔHM wishes to play a citizen role: the company's objective is to ensure sustainable and responsible growth that is based on strong ethical principles, a framework of values shared by all employees.


Feel like ÔHM is a registered trademark of: :
Ssimplified joint-stock company with €10 000 capital.
Siret N° : 53137328000019 RCS : Paris B 531 373 280
Headquarters : 4 rue Gounod – 75017 PARIS
Telephone : +33 1 81 70 07 30
Mail :

Feel Like ÔHM is a visionary business of hospitality. Feel Like ÔHM is a synonym of seasonal hotel with its innovative approach to products, services and apartment commodities.

The overall travel vision of the Feel Like ÔHM brand is unsurpassed. The crew members share the hospitality sense and the unique culture of the brand.


ÔHM Real Estate is a property management and real estate transactions office affiliated with the FNAIM.

Quality and a brand image symbol, the Yellow Cube is a security guarantee for customers and a way for us to communicate our expertise, our ethics and our commitments.

ÔHM Real Estate protects the received funds by the Property Fund guarantee (GALIAN) for an amount of € 120 000 in management and € 120,000 in transaction

ÔHM Real Estate undertakes its civil and professional liability (Allianz)

ÔHM Real Estate is entitled to receive funds sequestered at Banque Palatine (art.55).

ÔHM Real Estate holds a professional Transaction card "T14010" and a professional management card "G5813" issued by the Prefecture of Police (Hoguet Act).