ÔHM Group offers various kinds of services:

Feel Like ÔHM offers furnished apartments short term rentals starting from a single night, with hotel services, concierge and organization of your stay.

You can also find appartments for long term rent. Click here. 


Feel Like ÔHM Property Management Offers complete property management for landlords.


ÔHM Property Management provides apartment management and long term rent.


ÔHM Invest offers escort until the sale and purchase of your property.


ÔHM Location Scout offers an ephemeral places search for your events.


CHECK ÔHM proposes to accommodate your seasonal tenants, make your household, deliver and manage your linen.


ÔHM Premium Services offers hospitality, cultural private concierge and trip organizing services via ÔHM Boxes.


Welcome to the ÔHM world!