MULTILOC’ is a brand new feature established by Paris City Hall in 2015.

logo-couleurIt’s purpose is to enlist all private free accommodations on the Paris territory for middle class families and active young people, thanks to a large professional and partner’s network, bind at the City Hall side the project’ success. In order to foster households lasting rehousing, rents offered in MULTILOC’ are 20% inferior compared to those on the market.
This new feature is also a part of the ambitious Paris City Hall Policy against that lasting emptiness of the Parisian accommodation. Specific benefits are planned to encourage landlords owning free accommodation (more than 6 months) to rent their property again.

Feature’s running and expectations from the operators in some keywords :

Partnership agreement : it links real estate actors and the City Hall, while fixing the collaboration framework and each party engagements. It can be signed right now, by every real estate professional or an associative operator, professional cardholder, who can justify required guarantees related to real estate property management.

Prospection and Rental mandate : conventioneer operators ensure prospection, than property management. Paris City Hall pays out a flat rate €1000 bonus (€1200 if the accommodation was free since more than 6 months) for every new property enlisted and managed into the MULTILOC’ project.

Landlords who enroll in MULTILOC’ collect notable incitative guarantees and bonuses. During the mandate, operator cases management fees payable by landlords, according to regular practice.

Tenants : they are searched by conventioneer operator and must have revenue inferior to the intermediate revenue plafond. Here are the examples of typical families concerned :

Household category

1 Person

2 people

4 people ou 1 person with 2 dependents

2013 revenue

41 629 €

62 217 €

89 584 €

Monthly revenue

3 469 €

5 185 €

7 465 €

Information and communication

MULTILOC’s success supposes everyone’s mobilization, especially in information and communication offensive actions performance.

Paris City Hall will communicate around MULTILOC’ brand and foster the lasting available accommodations back on the market.

Real estate operators  are the first interlocutor of the landlords wishing to rent their property. City of Paris counts on them so that they make MULTILOC’ benefit from their expertise of the private real estate. They must inform their personnel about that feature, in order to present and promote MULTILOC by any ways at their disposal.