F.A.Q. Seasonal Landlord

Do any problems related to the Paris City Hall exist concerning short term rentals ? What about ALUR act ?

It has always been required to declare a tourist furnished rental at the town hall of the cities of more than 200 000 inhabitants. Before the ALUR act only a few people respected this obligation.

The seasonal rental is ruled by the laws of the Civil Code: secondary dwelling in case of vacations.

The town hall was discussed as a contrario interpretation of the law considering that the holiday rental is a business, he was asked to change the use of shopping at home. An inexpensive and restrictive for owners who need to return to their apartment as a primary residence (up to land French tax, expatriates abroad on a more or less long time …)

Seasonal rental professionals faced the Mayor and she backed off considering the case of professional furnished rental companies who have rather a profile to rent several apartments as rental investment. If you are professional furnished rental companies, you must offer the short-term rental of commercial apartment.

The ALUR act posed a framework for secondary homeowners can rent the main homes can be rented 4 months, others have to request authorization or exemption for a year or two to his town hall.

The point to check is the possible ban on property settlement to rent

I have enough filling, why give it to Feel Like ÔHM ?

Your apartment is popular and we bring you peace of mind about your business management, heritage, rental and hospitality.

The tranquility of payments through our CB payment system, CB footprint, insurance for stay cancellation/interruption.

It is also for you peace of mind about the inputs / outputs, household linen and laundry.

This is also an opportunity to participate in a beautiful project, a revolutionary new concept which allows it to be upgraded later.

We would like to let you manage only reception service, is that possible ?

Yes it is. Our reception crex is made of hotellerie professionals. To learn more, click here.

We would like to occupy our apartement.

Since June 2016 you will have access to your schedule with your back office (client access platform to their account on the website). Just enter your ID and password and block your dates.

Of course, you do not pay when you come home. If your apartment is unavailable, we will try to offer you an equivalent in the same neighborhood.

While waiting for your operations manager will be happy to answer all your requests for personal reservations by email at booking@feel-like-ohm.com ou by phone at +33 (0)1 81 70 07 30.

I’d like to keep my ads on the website I’ve posted them before, is it possible ?

We use a lot of sites some of which can be similar to yours.

Our professional status permits us find tenants where you do, but also somewhere where you can not get them.

Our distribution and our grid market guarantees us a maximum fill rate. To see all of our networks and broadcasts, click here.

How much do you charge ?

Prices we make agreement with you are net prices, going directly to landlord. Meaning you.

Based on the management formula you choose and stay the tenant chooses the price displayed on the website is increased with our fees.

We obtain retrocession you a fee to be able to deduct management fees invoice when your tax property income. Your rents on the records of management will therefore be higher than those chosen together at the signing of the mandate.

Our management fees are low: 7% to 10% VAT

For comparison, 20% AirBnB bill the tenant and the owner to have only the right to use non-professional broadcast site !!!! No warranty, no service.

We take the fees of broadcasting sites at our expense.

Are the rents assured ?

We are real estate professionals approved by FNAIM with a financial guarantee up to €120 000 €, with an ALLIANZ. civil and professional liability. All funds that pass on our lease management accounts are insured and audited by GALIAN once a year !

Do you guarantee rents ?

We guarantee a fill rate of an average of 70% in Paris and region and 93 to 99% in the very touristic places of Paris.

Paris remains the world tourist town! You can access the numbers and observatories on the site of the Ile-de-France region dedicated to tourism: http://pro.visitparisregion.com/chiffres-tourisme-paris-ile-de-France

Have tenants is not the most difficult. The hardest lies in the expertise of the optimization of the calendar, in the service provided to the tenant in the management of rents, contracts, arrival and departure, inventories, maintenance of the apartment, in the management of linen and serenity of matrimonial management.

We are the only administrator of property firm to date to offer such peace of mind by engaging your apartment in a service revolution in the world of seasonal rental apartment!

How do you find tenants ?

Management has developed real expertise in internet world and particularly of web marketing and social networks.

As such, we are developing an important affiliate network with blogs and relevant foreign sites related to paris and travel.

We develop a large customer database and we exchange with our partners for mailings.

We are launching marketing operations (sales, packages, events, location …) diffusing on visible areas of more traffic and on relevant websites and social networks.

We use all the specialized sites: Lux homes, AirBnB, HomeAways, HomeAway, Trivago, Homeliday, TripAdvisor, Holliday’s Lettings, Booking.com, SeLoger holidays, Expedia …

We have partnerships with tour operators (tour operators) as Muchosol, Expedia …

We are affiliated and therefore present on the network check ANCV, FNAIM holiday, American Express, Paris Tourim Board ……
We a community on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest …

To see all of our networks and broadcasts, click here

.Quel contrat dois-je signer?

You delegate us a management mandate by choosing between two formulas:

  • Management mandate with exclusive schedule
  • Management mandate without exclusive schedule

For more information and arrange an appointment, please write us at gestion@feel-like-ohm.com

Am I entitled to use the concierge personally?

All owners are entitled to three wishes during their mandate. If these services are only for you, a monthly fee for a discount will be offered.

What is my apartement’s rank ?

All apartments are ranked from 3 ***  to Palace. For the ranking of your apartment (subject to the opinion of one of our advisors), click here.