Evengency Experience

Professional events

Feel Like Ohm organizes professional events exceptions to Paris in places we love and we know perfectly.

Our crew helps you CONVINCE, SEDUCE and MOTIVATE your staff and your customers. We organize seminars, conventions, your incentive, your team building, your product launches, press conferences, congresses, your steering committees but also your smaller meetings.

Our crew works to raise the total membership of the participants in your message and your values still offering fully customized benefits with the command words' content, the unique, magical "


Business Challenges

Discover our challenges proposals to stimulate and motivate in a friendly atmosphere. Invite your team and your customers to share moments of emotion and solidarity.

Feel Like Ohm supports the complete organization of the challenge a year or a semester :

  • Goals definition
  • Communication of intermediate results
  • Destination Teasing
  • Invitations and programs sending
  • Choice of destination
  • Organization of a customized program, stay in or circuit, cultural, recreational and / or sports

To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com


A successful agreement involves a place, a set design, technical means, a team and a content, in line with your goals.
This is a difficult exercise since s is in a few hours to generate the total commitment of its teams, its customers in its message and its values.
Because we know your constraints and your challenges, our crew will organize and stage conventions to meet your expectations and will cover:

  • The realization of films and other audiovisual entertainment
  • Support in defining the content and messages
  • The creation of a specific graphic for the event
  • Seeking the place
  • The assessment and implementation of technical means
  • The scenography
  • The reception and event logistics
  • The hosting of your guests as appropriate.

To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com


A team needs to be motivated and rewarded replenished. Your Key Guards offer a wide range of extraordinary events to show your gratitude to your teams. Here are a few !

Flying on a fighter aircraft Fouga Magister Beauvais

Take a flight in fighter jet: the Fouga Magister. This unique aircraft and instantly recognizable by its tail V is the former aircraft of the Patrouille de France. A very agile aircraft on which many fighter pilots are formed. Its large glass roof offers a breathtaking view.

Flying on a fighter aircraft L39 Albatros Paris

Make a fighter plane in flight L39 Albatros combining discovery flight and thrill developments. Barrels, looping, low flying, feel the emotions of fighter pilots. Thrills guaranteed

Dinner in the sky

Find yourself at a table of 22 guests 50 meters from the ground. Accompanied by clouds or stars breakfast, brunch, cocktails or dinner over a golf course, a castle, a historical monument or any other place. All your dreams are attainable. The best way to say thank you. unforgettable moments and thrills guaranteed

Laser dogfighting

Make a real dogfight with real fighter pilots of light aircraft with laser sight and target. Housed in a new generation of bi-plane flight, you aim and shoot with a laser on another plane .... your opponent of the day, and it is you who have control. No need to have a pilot's license because with the advice of a fighter pilot for you than anything, you move to place you aim and shoot at the other plane. The onboard laser system used to activate the fumigant from each other, and find the precision of your shots instantly. This experience is totally unique in Europe. This is an opportunity to not only fly over a beautiful region, but also to make a real dogfight way Top Gun.


To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com


Team Building & Workshops

A team always needs to be motivated, rewelded, resourced, trained, our crew offers a wide range of events to strengthen cohesion and share a common goal.

We create a custom course consisting of Team Building events highlighting the essentials (individual and collective) for any good teamwork.

We select them based on a diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of your team and can integrate with a living room, a congress or any other event. It's your turn !

Each event consists of four steps:

  • The launch of a challenge (in team problem solving)
  • The action and resolution team
  • Debriefing Team
  • The debriefing in plenary at the end of course


BeatsWork (which translates to "The work rhythm / beat measurement") is designed to develop team spirit and taste of the performance rhythms.

Bic picture

The big picture develops creativity, communication and team spirit. Each team will have to reproduce a fraction of a work of art giant. When all parts of the mural are assembled, the result is a masterpiece ... team!

Contact High Performance

High Performance in Contact, participants are placed in permanent situations of interaction and negotiation. In teams and between teams, they discover the value of information, the influence of the communication, the role of trust and the virtues of the win-win agreement.

Short film

Producers, directors, actors, technicians ... Your teams will have to play all the roles to make their own short film. Guided by a team of film professionals in all stages of completion, participants will create a real film. Technicians show you the tricks that will help you reveal the talents of your team.

Graff Team

Imagine a white canvas wall to the graphic expression of your teams. Some spray paint, colors carefully chosen to reveal the creativity and spark the imagination ... The participants are guided by true artists "graffiti" or "taggers", they learn to make your logo or an image representative of your company in street style fashion!

Innovation market

Innovation is one of the keys to success. The proposed challenge is to energize to find new ideas for products or services but also to mobilize the employees so that they themselves are driving innovation in methods, processes and markets.

Lip Dub

Introduce your company, its people and its values by offering your employees to turn their own video! After learning of the proposed song, participants gathered in small groups and under the guidance of our technical team, decide their interpretation: choreography, costumes, positioning in space, expressions ...

Film Lining

Add your voice to the most famous faces of cinema! Thrill your vocal cords of fear, laughter and emotion by doubling the players of your favorite films. Associate sound effects and there you are ready for the dubbing of the film.

Film & Production

Producers will have to find actors, scenarios and adequate film music to create the movie that will be awarded at Caesars. The agents, themselves, will have to negotiate and sell at the best price ... Western, action, science fiction or detective ... The film's success will depend on the relevance of their choices and the quality of their negotiations.

One Voice

One Voice turns your teams in a choir at inestimable power of self-realization, synergy and emotion. Guided by our coaches singers, entrants release their fears and sing melodies or songs created especially for the occasion. Your teams discover their talent and sound power through a warm-up. They work on the harmonies and rhythm to sing the theme in perfect osmosis.

It is a magical time when participants realize the best power and their ability to raise a collective challenge.


To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com


Seminars, symposia, conferences, parties, gala and dinner.

You feel the need to communicate a message, develop a theme, organizing an annual convention or to discover something new? Looking for the perfect setting?

We handle the entire organization to the smallest details (transportation, accommodation Feel Like Ohm, parties, activities ...)

 You want to celebrate a milestone? Diners privatized, gala evenings, prestigious places our crew will offer you the most suitable formula to enhance your message.

20 to 20,000 guests, our crew will find for you the place, the theme, the atmosphere.

Our participatory surprises

Drum's Team

Drum's Team is participatory music activity for conventions, seminars and dinners. We invite participants to create a whole percussion orchestra on sound carriers available in the immediate environment. Imagine the pride of the participants returning a musical combining rhythmic arrangements, choreography and stage.

Music All

Playing on both the rhythms of dance, this original activity highlights as diverse styles that the Street Music, Indian Dhol, the South African Gum Boot, the Spanish Flamenco, Cuban Rumba or the Brazilian Batucada.

Participants will achieve together an extraordinary spectacle combining choreography and varied rhythms. preparation of workshops follow each team to learn the steps and sequences, discover percussion instruments and learn to play the corresponding pieces.

Tubular Tunes

The symphony orchestra plastic with excellence! In minutes, participants become musicians and play together a melody within rhythmic and festive arrangements. The "instruments" are plastic tubes in the colors of the rainbow, each representing a note of the scale. Just type in the hands against the chair or with a stick, to produce a right note!

Rythme & Co

All the guests will live and create a "concert" based percussion under the guidance of our musicians.

This musical module, especially suitable for dynamic plenary lectures, punctuate a convention or host a dinner, give your event an exceptional character and make it unforgettable.

Participants receive in their place or table of musical instruments distributed by our musical team such as shakers, bells, claves, maracas, tambourines, etc.


To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com


Product launch, press conference

You want to discover your brand, your products, your services or organize a press conference? Our crew will offer you the most suitable formula to enhance your message in a casket.

20 to 20,000 guests, we will find for you the place, the theme, the atmosphere.


To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com



Feel Like Ohm offers an original concept for your private events in Paris by adapting the benefit to your budget. Our crew guarantees events at the times and a total success.

  • Weddings.
  • Baptisms.
  • Diploma thesis defense.
  • Bar Mitzvah.
  • Brit Mila.
  • Communion.
  • Anniversary.
  • Birthday child.
  • Anniversary.
  • Divorce holidays.
  • Baby shower.
  • Private party theme.
  • Garden party.

Our Approach In a first appointment you expose your project and determine together the formula "personalized" best fits your need. The consultant assigned to your project will start research and presents places and providers of exceptions. You validate the final choice. We provide stewardship during the event.


To obtain a personalized quotation please contact us at +33 (0) 1 81 70 07 30 or contact us by email at evengency@feel-like-ohm.com