Become a Partner

Become a Partner

If you want to associate yourself with Feel Like ÔHM, for product placement or visual communication with image association, please contact:


Feel Like ÔHM realizes since its inception product placements on the basis of partnerships and associations of images.

Product Investment in our ÔHM apartment is synonymous with insurance for the partner to associate his or her products with an amazing place where an attentive customer has the essential time to try them in situ.

Investment said "public" such as transfers by car, tenants experience, the customer reception, staff ... are a showcase for the partner where the image of the placed or worn products is considered by customers as Feel Like ÔHM branding in order to enable a proven qualitative association.

The brand association to our events is an opportunity for the partner to associate the Feel Like ÔHM image and the spirit to an international clientele.